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Now You Are Six

The other side of the decade. How you got here, I still don’t know.

Today you decorated a butterfly mask. Tomorrow is bigger to you than Christmas. You already know what you’re going to wear. I’m pretty sure your ensemble includes that butterfly mask.

You don’t yet know the flavor of your cake, though you’ve tried to get it out of me a couple times. You made sure to remind me to pick it up after 3 PM tomorrow, as if I’d forget.

Tonight we read about Marie Curie and Melba Liston. You were very specific that you needed to read about a scientist tonight. Science, you said. You wanted science. You were surprised to hear that there were computer scientists in your book, but you wanted the old fashioned stuff, so I went with Mme. Curie.

Tonight your brother shared his apple slices with you, a first act of kindness from him that I haven’t seen him do before. But he’s seen you do it so many times, and he loves to emulate you, so it shouldn’t surprise me. You’re always so good at sharing.

And you put your clothes away. It only took five days of nags, reminders, and vague warnings. (To be fair, I still haven’t put mine away, either.)

Anyway, kiddo, tomorrow you are six. You set the table, put yourself down for naps, open the gate for your parents (and know the gate code), love slides and swings, think Kirby is the best, and make me super proud.

We’re almost halfway to a teenager.

You’re just so wonderful.

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so this is happening


And in case the graphic isn’t loading: I’ve started a NaNoWriMo novel. Not set in any previous universe. Just flirting with some ideas. Trying to find something that’ll drive me.

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As much as I have enjoyed using movable type, I’m probably going to convert the blog to WordPress simply because it confuses me much less. And I am old and cranky and cannot be expected to keep up with all these newfangled technologies GET OFF MY LAWN YOU DAMN KIDS.


Expect that later.

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moving into two

The jacaranda is a tree that grows a lot in Southern California. It has extremely vivid purple flowers, and grows quite tall.

While we were at the San Juan Capistrano mission, I saw a lot of jacaranda. So I wrote them into this chapter. Along with the mission.

Been sick and/or under deadline. Haven’t been writing. Back now.

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end, chapter one

I think.

I’m worried it’s not hooky enough. Eh. I know better than to worry too much about that at this stage.

I took a couple right turns between one day to the next, which means I actually wrote half again what I needed. I used to keep these bits of unused writing, but after years of keeping an “odds and ends” file that never got accessed again, I know you need to just kill the words. It may have seemed clever in context, but there’s more clever stuff coming, honest.

So anyway, chapter two starts tomorrow. In the meantime, my brain gets to decide where it’s starting.

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white-fleshed peaches

I really love nectarines, and this is the best time of year for them. Yum.

I wrote today, and I wrote yesterday, in one of the three projects.

On non-writerly-related writing, I also am working on a new campaign setting for my D&D campaign.

I’ve never thought about publishing any of my campaigns…but I kind of am keeping that in mind for this one. Probably hubris on my part, but who knows? It could come in handy someday.

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preliminary response….

Is good. A few small errors that are easily remedied.

I have decided more or less that once I pay off the furnace (last year’s WTF? expense), I’m getting a laptop. Because with a laptop, I could be upstairs and writing. And I am a spoiled capitalist American swine.

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everlastin’ outcrop in the sky

A few paragraphs tonight. More drama needed. I’ve been watching ER reruns fairly religiously the last few months, and I admire there amazing ability to turn the beat around with some well-timed drama. I can only imagine the script writers sitting around with a scene and some senior writer saying, “Now, have her do THE EXACT OPPOSITE of what a normal person would do!” or “Now, MAKE THE PLACE EXPLODE.”

I caught a glimpse of the mother of migraines today, and must I say that is one ugly mother.

We are now up to 4500 words, and Chapter 02 is half-written. Hoorj!

    he wants it in the foyer,

    where its bulk can catch the eye,

    it’s heavy, ugly, cumbersome, and


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chapter one

I really need to stop saying “I’ll just write a few words!” It never works that way, and I know it.

But it’s hard to resist writing about Jin. I do love the lad.

I didn’t know about Samurai Champloo when I named Jin Jin and Munin Munin. It’s not my fault, and triply not my fault that the characters are kinda-sorta-not-really like Jin and Mugen from the show. Munin’s at least literate. And he doesn’t have to pay for sex.

I’m just sayin.

So, revised chapter one comes in at 3k words. There’ll be a revised chapters two and three, and then I get to shift everything up, change Suppliant to Something Else (Staffbearer? Boughmaiden? So! Very! Fantasy!) and go through the sucker one more time. I DECLARE IT WILL BE DONE BEFORE THE END OF THE MONTH. So I declare.

I think “Perilous Garde” is the closest I get to a theme song for this book. Le sigh. If I ever see the artist again, and assuming he remembers me (I suspect as soon as I swipe his hat he will recall the minx of yesteryear), I gotta get him to sing it for me.

    take this cup from me

    I cannot drink its darkened light

    so I’ll search for you(th)

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