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slight overkill

I’m teaching myself Microsoft Project (because I’m nuts, that’s why), and I’m contemplating building a project plan for a novel.

Of course, I’m an idiot if I think building a plan is a guarantee of finishing anything. It’s just another trap to fall into if you aren’t careful. Mainly, I want to do it to teach myself a tool, and because it’s more fun than the example the book I’m learning from is using.

Also, I’ve been mulling this over for the last few weeks. Good article. Salient points. Need time to digest.

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into chapter four

Synopsis-wise, that is. Something interesting. I am amused. And also about to pass out. Them sleepy thingies they make me take sure do work fastzzzzz….

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motif of the borderlands

A motif has emerged in this early synopsis, which is always nice.  I accredit it to borderland creativity — the stray thoughts that wander through my head right before sleep.  90% of borderland creativity is crap, but every now and then something emerges and sticks.

The Guy attempts something other than a smirk for his Writer.  It is a brave, but utterly doomed, venture.
The Guy attempts something other than a smirk for his Writer. It is a brave, but utterly doomed, venture.
In technology news, I have found that the laptop is good for synopsisisissing.  For actual writing I still think I prefer the desk, the chair, and the soothing music of the iSpheres.  But when all I’m doing is throwing ideas at the canvas and watching to see what trails they leave behind as they slide down (or out of sheer stubbornness and defiance of reality, up), the couch and the soothing mumble of the TV and the 15.4″ screen isn’t so bad.

Oh, and I submitted my bio for the forthcoming anthology.  This will be the first mention of The Guy in a bio.  He is thrilled in his own smirking way.

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not gonna say it

Is it possible I have found a good opening line?

It’s possible.

But these things are mutable.

And I’m still synopsisisising.

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Well, synopsis…is…ing….

Which comes before the outlining.

Ummmm. Yeah. I’m toying with a lot of ideas, but know I ultimately need to fix on a few pillars to address. Pretty sure what at least one of those is. Just not saying it.

My, what a helpful post!

So, writing? Yes. Just can’t say what until I have an outline.

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