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oh hey

Wednesday, June 16th, 2010

I sold a story back in January?  February?  Well, anyway.  I sold another Lelia story.  It’s called “Otherwise Engaged”.  Much less Wil in this one.  But that’s okay, because I’m pretty sure if there is another Valdemar anthology that the next one will be mostly him.  (He’s like that.)

I also moved.  To Southern California.  Which as some of you know is where I lived before St. Louis.  So yeah.

Aaaaand speaking of moving, I have a new job, which had a writing contest, so I wrote a vignette for work.  Depending on what happens to it I’ll either post it here or keep it a secret.  Forever!  Ha ha!

I have ideas kicking around, and I need to write one of them.  The hard part is picking one.  But the sooner the better, or Athena’s going to pop out of my skull and won’t that be messy.


Saturday, January 31st, 2009

And changed the name back to “Midwinter Gifts”, which comes perilously close to violating one of my personal rules of writing (never title a story “The Gift”), but it’s a pun so I’m okay with it in this case.

Also, I now have glasses.

This is what a life of writing for a living in one way or another will do to you, kids.

Mostly Done

Thursday, January 29th, 2009

And I renamed it to “Midwinter Madness”. I’m not happy with the title, but I’m happy with the story, and that’s what matters.

It gets sent off to the publishers tonight. Hurray.

sovvan’s greetings

Thursday, January 8th, 2009

It’s still a working title. Perhaps something better will seize me in Mexico.

Which is where I am headed for a vacation with the guy. I hope — well, I need — to have the story in rough draft format before then. I would write tonight, but I’m going to a sleep study instead. Bah humbug!

That leaves Friday and Saturday, which is fine. I already have Friday’s meal half-finished, and Saturday the guy and I will be staying up all night because our flight leaves at 6 AM, which means we need to be up at 4 AM. Which means we just don’t go to bed. :P

So we are at the 5500 word mark, and that leaves me 1500 words to still play with. Then I will mercilessly eviscerate the story, and it will be awesome.

And eventually, I’ll figure out what novel I’m writing as a follow-up.



Monday, November 24th, 2008

Words. About 1500. I will probably backtrack, though, and omit the second of the two scenes. I did this with the last story — a great deal was told from perspectives that I ultimately omitted in order to keep the focus on Lelia.

It’s not lost work, however; it’s more like research. Knowing what the other players are up to — super awesome helpful. And I may have to add some scenes with Wil’s perspective anyway; I miss writing Witty Companion Banter™.

hooked by the nose

Monday, October 20th, 2008

I’m sewing up my D&D campaign for a couple months. I’ll be redirecting my creative brainpan on the Lelia story.

I hate to put D&D on hiatus, but I believe in the finite resources of the creative well, and I know when mine is starting to dry up. I am not a bottomless pit of creativity. No one is, and anyone who claims to be otherwise is either a) lying, b) insane, c) a college student, or d) on some really great drugs.

A good chunk of my creativity is automatically eaten up by work. I am building a world and cultures from whole cloth, and while a genre writer can temporize and finish the culture when she gets to book three of the trilogy, a creative team actually needs to know what’s going on in my brain before they can concept oh, say, the jellyfish energy-being race that got wiped out in the cataclysm that almost imploded the universe.

This is where writing for genres and writing for games differs wildly, and I suspect it’s one place where genre writers find difficulty in working on games. If you’re used to giving away your secrets slowly, in prose, it can be a rude shock when the publisher/producer/lead designer demands to know exactly why This Race died out and how you expect to bring them back in a way that will make sense to the players.

And over on the personal side…well, I am contractually obligated to write about Lelia, and I have enough of a lead that I’m ready to let my scruffy muse-Bard hook me by the nose and drag me back down into the depths of her world. She’s gone to a slightly dark place, but I have ordered her not to get emo on me, and she has solemnly sworn not to.

So the D&D campaign gets sacrificed on the altar, and I get some of my creative energy back as a result. But every ending leads to a new beginning. One of my players has expressed interest in continuing with a different campaign, and that’s groovy.


Saturday, September 6th, 2008

I packed page proofs to read over, and they’ve sat in my luggage for the last week, completely untouched. Yarrgh.

I have been writing, but not updating here. I am a bad person.

And I have another Valdemar story to write by the end of the year. Hurray! More Lelia. ♥

next up: i take my iPod on a dinner date

Friday, March 14th, 2008

Dear Story,

You are off. Please come back as a big fat check with which I can pay off my furnace.

If you don’t, then please don’t wake me up when you come in. You know I don’t approve of those late night parties you go to.



P.S. I am contemplating your next sibling.

hard copy edits

Tuesday, March 11th, 2008

Done, mostly over a Guinness while the man played virtual golf and I fretted over adjectives.

Tonight the type-in, and then first readers get to be malicious.

first draft donity done

Monday, March 10th, 2008

Now I play Soul Calibur until I puke!

(Not really.)