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Day: March 15, 2004

this kind of tempest

One page of Fourteen done. I was writing this in my head during Saturday morning aikido, but didn’t get around to it till tonight. I have given up on Thirteen for the time being. But that’s the bargain I made with myself when I started writing this. If something slows me down, steamroll over it and keep going. So la de da. I’ll fix it later. I know what needs to go there, anyway; I just need to tone down the soap opera OBVIOUSNESS I seem to be so good at falling back on.

Made biscotti. Dipped ’em in chocolate. Made coffee cake. Mmm. Coffee cake.

By the end of this chapter I’ll be further along in the story than I’ve ever been. Ummm. There’s a particular scene in about a chapter and a half that will be the culmination of fourteen chapters of setup. And with that, I’ll probably be about half-done with the novel. Exciting, n’est pas?

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