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Day: March 19, 2004

merry prankster

Chipped at Fourteen some more, but the five hour meeting today (it went to 8 PM, sorry aikido pals), party last week, upcoming party this week, and monument of work pushed on my lumberjack-like back has made it hard to get anything done.

This’ll be week three of extracurricular activities on Friday/Saturday, and they always sneak up on me, or so it seems. When the hell did I become a social butterfly?

There’s an ominous rumor that I may be receiving a digital camera from loving relatives tomorrow. Should this come to pass, I promise new photos in the photo place.

The cat is attempting to shove his head up my nose, which is a sign I should go to bed. So I shall.

    We never

    ever lie.

    From ten in the morning

    we are honest til nine.

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