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Month: April 2006

still busy

Not satisfactory, I know. I’m resigned to the loss of writing during these periods of work, work, work.

I did inch forward on Dead Wicked stuff, though. I wrote a vignette for my own game, and I have a couple articles due at the end of this week. I’ve written lots of marketing blahdeblah. I do not like writing marketing blahdeblah, but it’s teaching me to get used to pitches.

Like I said, I’m writing — but (with the exception of DW) not for myself.

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writing unseen

It seems I’m always writing, just not my own fiction.

So, there is writing, but it’s my dayjob’s writing. Like history documents and articles and…stuff.

How many jobs can you work where writing about the reproduction cycle of the game’s lizard race is actually a priority?

Anyway, post-E3, I’ll be back. Watch this space.

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snatches and grabs

A little work on the collab. It has a name, by the way. And a logo. And some very beautiful artwork. Soon it will have a website. Yay!

I’m not dead, just fermenting.

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chapter one

I really need to stop saying “I’ll just write a few words!” It never works that way, and I know it.

But it’s hard to resist writing about Jin. I do love the lad.

I didn’t know about Samurai Champloo when I named Jin Jin and Munin Munin. It’s not my fault, and triply not my fault that the characters are kinda-sorta-not-really like Jin and Mugen from the show. Munin’s at least literate. And he doesn’t have to pay for sex.

I’m just sayin.

So, revised chapter one comes in at 3k words. There’ll be a revised chapters two and three, and then I get to shift everything up, change Suppliant to Something Else (Staffbearer? Boughmaiden? So! Very! Fantasy!) and go through the sucker one more time. I DECLARE IT WILL BE DONE BEFORE THE END OF THE MONTH. So I declare.

I think “Perilous Garde” is the closest I get to a theme song for this book. Le sigh. If I ever see the artist again, and assuming he remembers me (I suspect as soon as I swipe his hat he will recall the minx of yesteryear), I gotta get him to sing it for me.

    take this cup from me

    I cannot drink its darkened light

    so I’ll search for you(th)

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the naming of things

You know what I have a hard time with? Naming things. Names shape things. I’ve been using this word “Suppliant” throughout the book, and finally decided that it’s the wrong word. So now I need to find a new one that actually means what it means, and only make reference to “Suppliant” as a more distant terminology.

Someday I could write a whole thing about Dead Wicked and why it took me two months to reach an accord with the name, but that’s going to have to wait for me to find the time.

    Not nobody, not a thousand beers

    Will keep us from feeling so all alone

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