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Month: May 2006


How do you decide what to do next?

I have two ideas on the table, in addition to Dead Wicked. My year is going to allow for two things: writing DW and, when I can, writing this other thing.

One’s modern setting (the same as DW, but with different characters). One’s fantasy. I can write either, but I’m not sure which one I want to do more.

And at some point I should try to dig in and revise Firebird and send it off. I know I gotta do it, but I still get the ohfuckit feeling every time I even think about the manuscript.


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book one

Rough outline done. Longer outline after this one ferments for a bit.


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still here

Just resurfacing.

Things afoot. I had a notebook while I was locked in overtime, where I let the stray thoughts leak out. There are odd, thought-provoking things in there, mostly built around the modern day world I’m writing for DW. It’s a place I’ve been quietly inhabiting for a long, long time.

This is, I hope, the last Busy Weekend for a while. Wedding and a dinner, both on different days, and I love and respect both friends, so I can’t bow out. But dear god — I’d like a weekend to myself, plz. thx.

Still, I enjoyed the last two months, even if they were not writing-productive.

And now…back to work.

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Insomnia is nothing if not productive in the short term. I went downstairs at 4 AM, wrote for an hour, and then went back to bed. Four pages of…something violent, but fast-moving. Burn plot. Burn plot. It’s all I’ve got left to burn.

Lots of jotted down notes for my modern day world. The same one Dead Wicked is set in, and now something I’ll tentatively call Stranger. The main character’s name is Koan.

I’ve no idea where Firebird is. There’s just so damn much to introduce in that book. Sigh.

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