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monday, monday

No writing done yesterday, but I did do some scene and character sketches (literally). Stuff that will hopefully never see the light of day.

And also, all my extra time on Monday is sort of my designated “get other projects done” day. I work on websites, talk to friends, and T.A. at my dojo.

Today I’m going to look at houses, and probably go to aikido since I’ve missed so many classes in the past month due to Stuff.

And I came up with this, a musing I’ve had a few times about a few guys. Really ought to set it to music someday. I’m lousy at funny stuff, but…enh. This might pass.

Your Evil Twin

I’ve been lookin’ for your evil twin

Saw him just the other day

Buying evil onions

For what purpose, I can’t say

Yeah, I’d date your evil twin

If only for a while

Cuz I don’t want commitment

All I want is style

When I hook up with your twin

We’ll go on evil dates

He’ll stiff me with the bill

And eat the best stuff off my plate

He’ll say he doesn’t love me

He won’t make up for what I lack

He won’t compliment my figure

But I hear he’s bitchin’ in the sack

Oh, I’d do your evil twin

My heart don’t need retrieval

And when he dumps me I won’t mind

Cuz, y’know…he’s evil

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