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After griping that there was no time to do so, I got some writing done after all. Chapter 2, at least, is now mapped out with only a small bit to fill in, and the beginning of Chapter 3 is outlined (and should be fun to write — but then, it’s all fun to write).

And hey, I got to write a bio for myself for the Valdemar anthology, which is going to be called Sun in Glory, apparently. No word on the other anthology (different editor), though. Still hopeful, but not too hopeful at this stage. We’ll see. At least “Binder” made it past the first round of rejection slips.

And that reminds me that someday I wouldn’t mind writing about Binder. She’s a neat character in an interesting world. Um, yeah. Like that description is helpful at all.

I leave you with strains of Neutral Milk Hotel, who the strange and wonderful Monsieur Kellner turned me on to. G’night.

    and will she remember me?

    fifty years later

    i wished I could save her

    in some sort of time machine

    know all your enemies

    (we know who our enemies are)

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