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roasted vegetables

Still looking for a house. This brings the total of properties viewed to…23? 24? Something like that.

Got a page of Chapter 3 done, refreshed myself on what was going on in Chs. 1-2, wrote some notes on character development and plot ideas, and then succumbed to exhaustion from house-worry and working all day. Bed felt oh, so good. This morning was dentistry (my teeth are doing very well, thank you) and a very interesting re-broadcast between Diane Rehm and the late Carol Shields, a Pulitzer-prize winning author who wrote her last novel, Unless, under the cloud of the imminent knowledge that she was not long for this world.

On one hand, I can only imagine the distress of knowing you’re dying. On the other — if you can get past the fear of what happens when the lights go out, wouldn’t it be freeing? All the risks you could take….

Technically, though, we’re all dying. Carol just knew it was coming with a little more immediacy than most of us.

My joi de vivre keeps me going; and the greatest joy of my life is the writing and the boundless opportunities it daily gives me. Opportunity to tell more stories, discover more places, hear more voices.

Right now, my main character has just woken up from unpleasant dreams. She’s dining on the old bread and cold roasted vegetables from the dinner her family ate the night before. She has no idea what’s in store for her in the next 48 hours of her life.

For that matter, neither do I.

I look forward to that someday when I wake up knowing the first tasks of the day are to shower, eat cold leftovers (bread and roasted vegetables, maybe?), tidy up my home a tad, and then deposit myself in front of the computer for several hours.

Pleasant dreams.

    and i


    should have kissed you

    when we were running in the reins

    what am i, darlin’?

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