In which our heroine proves she can still kinda design a website.

About Me

The author (far right), much younger, with Lisa Waters and Marion Zimmer Bradley.My name is Stephanie, and I’ve been writing and selling short stories in the fantasy genre since I was thirteen.

I have written three books, and sold none of them. Awesome! This is why you get a day job or a trust fund, kids.

I’ve made over a dozen short story sales in my life to various editors of professional anthologies, been a first reader for a professional fantasy magazine, aided and abetted in the organization of conventions, answered fan mail for other people, and have served as a ghost editor and writer.

By Matt Bayne, the art bomb dot com!I grew up in Orange County, went to school in San Francisco, and moved to St. Louis for a job.  I lived there for thirteen years, then took employment with Blizzard Entertainment and moved back to Southern California. Currently, I work on the Blizzard Web & Mobile team as a lead program manager (a fancy word for someone who makes sure the trains run on time) (metaphorically speaking) (there are no actual trains in my office).

I met my fiance Mike in 1999, though neither of us knew that was our future at the time.  We were friends for nearly a decade, then we started dating, and then he proposed and I said yes.  So we’ve got that going for us.

We got hitched in 2011, and yes — we wrote our own wedding vows.  How romantic!  How appropriate!  Our plans for the future include visiting lots of countries where we don’t actually understand the languages people are speaking…and camping.  Because we like camping.

We have a beautiful daughter who thinks a lot and runs around our front yard any chance we give her.  She’s the light of our life.  We are also expecting a son sometime in September/October.  We are sure he’ll think a lot, too.

In my not-so-copious free time I like exercise (especially floating on the ocean and hiking, which often comes during the aforementioned camping).  I also pursue a strong interest in all cultures, cuisines, and languages.