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Three Cups Later Posts


Something…something got written.

I’m not going to say anything else.

We must be careful, lest the muse flit off to a nightclub again.

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want vs. need

I wanted to write tonight, but instead I came down with a sinus headache that four Advil, two aspirin, and 5mg of Vicodin couldn’t take care of. I spent most of the day on my couch feeling like I had to throw up and wanting to stab Rachael Rae in the eyes for having such a perky voice when I, obviously, could not be half as perky. EVOO OMG WTF LOL!

I’ll be taking it easy tomorrow. The headache has subsided a whole lot as of now, and on that note I decided to jot down some notes for outlining since this seems to be what I want to write. I’m also changing Kate’s name to Andi.

I have a thing for female leads whose names don’t end in -a. Old habit. Dies hard.

500 words of outline. Bed now. Hopefully I won’t have a headache when I wake up.

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dollar by dollar your soul gets smaller

A mere 500 words tonight, but to my credit I did rip out some wordage and replace it with new stuff. And it was meeting night.

So far: 7442 words

How it’s going: Jake tracks down Kate.

Where it’s going: Emo girls.

Where it’s been: Kate ruminating on her vulnerabilities.

Item(s) of note: I took Kate’s money away. She needs to be hungry for a little longer. The world just isn’t that nice.

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oh dear

I appear to still be awake. That can’t be good. At least it’s not 3 AM….YET.

So far: 6954 words

How it’s going: Kate just got moneys.

Where it’s going: YARN SHOP

Where it’s been: Coffee, bionic mosquitoes, and a visit from Mr. Hughes.

Item(s) of note: Bayside’s Walking Wounded is my music of choice for writing Kate’s scenes. I haven’t yet fixed on anything for Jake, but I suspect it’s going to be a playlist mash of Panic! At the Disco and Fall Out Boy (they’re essentially the same band anyway, amiright?).

    scientists they couldn’t fix me

    I’m so tired of getting out of bed

    but who would want to die

    as a cowardly little child?

    when our time is up, then our time is up

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It felt like climbing out of a grave in winter.

Little less than 900 words.

So far: 5436 words

How it’s going: Jake is enjoying the morning.

Where it’s going: Kate using the internets.

Where it’s been: Birds and sleep.

Item(s) of note: Browser-based spell-checkers don’t like the word “corvine”, but are okay with lupine and bovine. Also: crow feeding habits.

Not much to say. I’ve been exercising and eating correctly, as well as getting work done at work, writing this thing (I won’t call it a book until I get to 10k words), playing WoW, and going to the dojo. Hunh.

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sober as well from loneliness

It didn’t seem like a lot, but I guess 700 words is. Hunh. That warrants an entry.

So far: 4576 words

How it’s going: Noise investigated. Munin’s magic smells like axle grease.

Where it’s going: Kate’s missive.

Where it’s been: Sleeping on the couch.

Item of note: I didn’t know how to properly spell “axle” until today. I always spelled it “axel”. I am informed by Merriam-Webster that this is not the correct spelling, no matter what Wikipedia may think.

Whenever I have gone to the shooting range with my dad, he’s taught me to hold the gun grip “like a teacup”. I, being a smart ass, usually respond by wiggling my little pinky in the air and saying, “Like this?”

I couldn’t help but think of that as I wrote about Jake stalking around his apartment with his gun. I very nearly had him hum the “I’m a Little Teapot” song. I contained myself.

I’m going to have to do some research and decide what kind of gun to give him. Probably a 9 MM…thingie. I’m a noob, so they stovepipe on me, but they’re so peeeertyyyy.

Also, magazine clips: double plus good for our boy.

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i only think in the form of crunching numbers

Late lunch. Words anyway.

So far: 3850 words

How it’s going: Jake has heard a noise, and must investigate.

Where it’s going: A false alarm.

Where it’s been: Crackhead the Friendly Ghost, and cheese-and-apple sandwiches. Could it be that Jake is a vegetarian?

Item of note: Jake’s a vegetarian? News to me. Goddamn characters.

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two quarters and a heart down

Lunch hours are for writing. 1200 words, to be exact. I am a typing machine when I want to be.

So far: 2720 words

How it’s going: Kate is digesting, but unable to eat, drink, or sleep. The ramifications of magic are severe.

Where it’s going: Jake next, I suspect.

Where it’s been: A silent ride to the diner.

Item of note: This is my first conscious attempt at suspense/horror. All previous writings I’ve done have incorporated the concept — I am of the feeling that the best fantasy has some horror to it — but this is a real attempt to balance a story on the knife edge of tension here.

Not so coincidentally, I finished ‘salem’s Lot last night. Next up for the nightstand readings: Night Lost by the lovely and talented Lynn “She of a Thousand Names” Viehl.

    why don’t you show me

    the little bit of spine

    you’ve been saving for his mattress?


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one night, and one more time

So far: 1550 words

How it’s going: Kate is miserable, Jake is bidness.

Where it’s going: To a diner.

Where it’s been: On a footbridge, with a dead girl.

Item of note: The other WIP. This is for when I feel like writing modern and cussing a lot. If the other book has inspiration from my professional life, this is all based on my so-called romantic life.

Nearly done reading ‘Salem’s Lot. It has the kind of vampires I like and rarely see: scary as hell.

    say a prayer but let the good times roll

    in case god doesn’t show

    and I want these words to make things right

    but it’s the wrongs that make the words come to light

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shadows keep on changing

So far: 3000 words

How it’s going: I have no idea what my characters are doing.

Where it’s going: Hot water, stat.

Where it’s been: Kai and Rain’s roles re-purposed to star-crossed lovers, Myr is now the Woman With No Name. OH LOOK, SOMEONE LIKES A GENRE.

Item of note: Written entirely using Google’s Doc program. Makes it very easy to write a chunk at work when I’m on break, and none of the feature creep of Word. Awesome.

    I’m haunted

    By the lives that wove the web

    Inside my haunted head

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