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Three Cups Later Posts


Damn. Pirates of the Caribbean was a dead sexy flick. Well written, too. More than made up for the cheesiness of LXG and the shaky cinematography of (the otherwise excellent) 28 Days Later.

Aaaanyway. Speaking of 28 Days Later… mahahahahahahahaha. I love turbo zombies. Not as much as I like Pirate Depp, but it’s close. Yarrrrr…braaaaains!

And on that note: Two pages done for tonight. I’m hoping to wrap Chapter Three tomorrow, start on Four on Sunday.

On the house front — I found a property I loved. Absolutely fell head over heels for. It sold out from underneath me. Fuck.

yesterday I heard you screaming

sometimes I feel like a motherless child

a long way from home

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roasted vegetables

Still looking for a house. This brings the total of properties viewed to…23? 24? Something like that.

Got a page of Chapter 3 done, refreshed myself on what was going on in Chs. 1-2, wrote some notes on character development and plot ideas, and then succumbed to exhaustion from house-worry and working all day. Bed felt oh, so good. This morning was dentistry (my teeth are doing very well, thank you) and a very interesting re-broadcast between Diane Rehm and the late Carol Shields, a Pulitzer-prize winning author who wrote her last novel, Unless, under the cloud of the imminent knowledge that she was not long for this world.

On one hand, I can only imagine the distress of knowing you’re dying. On the other — if you can get past the fear of what happens when the lights go out, wouldn’t it be freeing? All the risks you could take….

Technically, though, we’re all dying. Carol just knew it was coming with a little more immediacy than most of us.

My joi de vivre keeps me going; and the greatest joy of my life is the writing and the boundless opportunities it daily gives me. Opportunity to tell more stories, discover more places, hear more voices.

Right now, my main character has just woken up from unpleasant dreams. She’s dining on the old bread and cold roasted vegetables from the dinner her family ate the night before. She has no idea what’s in store for her in the next 48 hours of her life.

For that matter, neither do I.

I look forward to that someday when I wake up knowing the first tasks of the day are to shower, eat cold leftovers (bread and roasted vegetables, maybe?), tidy up my home a tad, and then deposit myself in front of the computer for several hours.

Pleasant dreams.

    and i


    should have kissed you

    when we were running in the reins

    what am i, darlin’?

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Chapter 2 is done, and will not be touched again until three months from now — NO FOOLIN’. I’ve got my scenes with Brazen Displays of Magic TM done, so I can stop worrying about that for a bit.

So anyway, I’m playing catch-up this week, and hope to get 3 and 4 done by Sunday. More house-hunting tomorrow, and let’s hope this is the last time, yeah?

    i’m as innocent as anybody

    i don’t even know how to spell


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webwork took longer than I was expecting, but on the bright side — the cosmetic stuff is done (for now).

I’ll dig into (and finish) Chapter 2 sometime tonight.

Someone drop a house on me already.

Drop a house, eh?

Um, not that one, thanks. Besides, ruby ain’t my color….

    When this began

    I had nothing to say

    And I’d get lost in the nothingness inside of me

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no house


Writing resumes tomorrow night. And the house hunt continues.

Tally ho! (Tally’s a what?)

    Your eyes, your ears,

    your mouth, your nose

    Your arms, your legs,

    your heart, your soul

    Touch me

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After griping that there was no time to do so, I got some writing done after all. Chapter 2, at least, is now mapped out with only a small bit to fill in, and the beginning of Chapter 3 is outlined (and should be fun to write — but then, it’s all fun to write).

And hey, I got to write a bio for myself for the Valdemar anthology, which is going to be called Sun in Glory, apparently. No word on the other anthology (different editor), though. Still hopeful, but not too hopeful at this stage. We’ll see. At least “Binder” made it past the first round of rejection slips.

And that reminds me that someday I wouldn’t mind writing about Binder. She’s a neat character in an interesting world. Um, yeah. Like that description is helpful at all.

I leave you with strains of Neutral Milk Hotel, who the strange and wonderful Monsieur Kellner turned me on to. G’night.

    and will she remember me?

    fifty years later

    i wished I could save her

    in some sort of time machine

    know all your enemies

    (we know who our enemies are)

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Another day blown to house hunting. This brings the total of houses I have looked at up to…20.

Putting in the bid tomorrow on one of the places I saw. I have confirmed my suspicion that there is nothing spectacular I can get with the money I’ve got, but there were three places I found that I can comfortably accept living in. The top pick of those three is what I’m bidding on.

Maybe someday I’ll increase my cash flow sufficiently (or find a way to supplement it) to afford better. Until then, I dream of three bedroom homes with hardwood floors, huge bathtubs, stained glass windows, massive kitchens, skylights, hot tubs, and dry, roomy basements.

Tomorrow, I write.

    i fell into the moon

    and it covered you in blue

    can I make it right

    can I spend the night


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Adam Corolla says I’m a pansy

Overheard on Loveline this evening, Adam Corolla calling anyone with a mold allergy a psychosomatic pansy. Hehehehe.

So — progress minimal again today, due to aikido and work. But my schedule says I’m doing nothing with Friday, and that may very well mean another chapter done.

Saturday is another massive house hunt. Ugh. Jeff says I should wear a dust mask. I just might….

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