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monday, monday

No writing done yesterday, but I did do some scene and character sketches (literally). Stuff that will hopefully never see the light of day.

And also, all my extra time on Monday is sort of my designated “get other projects done” day. I work on websites, talk to friends, and T.A. at my dojo.

Today I’m going to look at houses, and probably go to aikido since I’ve missed so many classes in the past month due to Stuff.

And I came up with this, a musing I’ve had a few times about a few guys. Really ought to set it to music someday. I’m lousy at funny stuff, but…enh. This might pass.

Your Evil Twin

I’ve been lookin’ for your evil twin

Saw him just the other day

Buying evil onions

For what purpose, I can’t say

Yeah, I’d date your evil twin

If only for a while

Cuz I don’t want commitment

All I want is style

When I hook up with your twin

We’ll go on evil dates

He’ll stiff me with the bill

And eat the best stuff off my plate

He’ll say he doesn’t love me

He won’t make up for what I lack

He won’t compliment my figure

But I hear he’s bitchin’ in the sack

Oh, I’d do your evil twin

My heart don’t need retrieval

And when he dumps me I won’t mind

Cuz, y’know…he’s evil

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chapter one, done

And I ain’t editing it again until I finish the freakin’ book.

Holy cow, this is fun.

I also got to use a burnous. I love that word. burnous. You can all blame Jennifer Roberson‘s Tiger and Del series for my introduction to that word. Burnousburnousburnous. Hee!

On to chapter two!!! Oh man, I’m so excited to be writing again, I’m like a puppy. And the characters are so much better-defined this time around. It’s amazing.

But first, I celebrate with a frap bar and thirty minutes of Adult Swim.

Yee ha!! I R writer of the wurds!

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Destiny as a sexually transmitted disease. Whatanidea.

It’s no secret that Tori Amos is one of my favorite musicians. I’m not crazy like Tori, but I can understand her use of Tori-speak to convey what’s going on in her head. I get the same treatment. People call mine “cat-logic”.

Not much writing done today, due to prior commitments (websites, weddings, and sokushin). Tomorrow will be different. And I’m not certain, but I even think that next weekend is free and clear.

I am working on driving some demons from my heart, which meant watching yet another old movie. Evil Dead II. I have seen this one (I’ve seen nearly everything cinematic that Sam Raimi ever laid hands on), but one of the roommates hadn’t, and I couldn’t let that pass.

    guess it’s true I’ve

    gotten very

    moody over you

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double SECRET probation

So I finally saw Animal House. Yes, I am low on my late-70s and early-80s movie vitamins.

Rain seems to be more of a character this time around. More like…uh…me, actually. Selfish, slightly spoiled, vibrant, trying to prove something because everyone treats her like a kid.

In comparison, my main character (thank god) is not a whole lot like me. But then I was always the younger sibling, never the older one. So I guess Myr is the older sibling I never was. If that makes any sense.

It helps that I have had friends who were older siblings, and tough ones at that. I need that perspective for the Myrish one.

A lot on my mind lately about the potential things that could be and could have been in my life. It’s finding its way into my writing, of course. It’s making me write bad poetry. Bad, poetry! Down! Sit! Staaaaay. Good. That’s a good little poetry! Yeeees.

And speaking of bad poetry…I went through my garage stored stuff today, and found some. Yeesh. No one should ever have to listen to stuff like that. Ever. Anyone unfortunate enough to have ever gone to a concert I gave between 17 and 21 — I’m sorry. Really. Please forgive me.

I also found a sheet of paper from when I was researching kendo for the first time (I was probably 18 or 19). Back then I actually thought kendo was all there was in regards to sword arts in Japan. Ha ha. Silly me.

Anyway, one thing I wrote down — brace yourselves, my zen-natured friends — was this:

    “The great sword seeks perfection through practice.”

Whoa. Now that’s some deep shit. I think I’m going to go meditate on that.

Okay. I’m done.

I know you’re laughing, you. You can stop now.

Time to hit the sack. G’night, kids.

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Welcome Back


I’ve started again on Sword of Shades. Much ass-kicking was involved. In particular I’d like to thank T.I.P., Michael, Babs, and Donna for reasons to start again.

I’m beginning fresh, something I’m good at. Starting today, I plan to have it done by the end of October. So a full novel by November 1st. I’m giving myself extra time due to house moving.

In a fit of passion, I drew an image of Patch, a previously sketchy character who suddenly has a whole lot more depth. Actually, I drew a lot of images of Patch. This was just the best one. The full version even has BOOBIES. Cuz Patch, y’know — she’s all about the uncomfortable nekkidness.

If I can I’ll get one done of Nadir, but I need the mood and the muse, and I won’t put up anything I’m unhappy with.

Old journal entries are gone for the time being. If I ever sell this thing I might consider bringing them back, but they reflect another time and a different person. They need to go quiet for now.

Aw man, I just realized the most awesome way to outline my novel. It r0xx0rs. I’m totally gonna use it, and not tell any of you what it is. Nyah nyah.

Oh, and I saw a hula dance tonight. A real, honest to gosh hula dance. Narrative dance that isn’t pretentious. Loved it.

All right. Time to get this party started.

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Q. You write?

On occasion.

Q. Is this that book you were writing in 1994? The one mentioned in that Sword and Sorceress intro?

Ladysmith Black Mambazo, I hope not.

Q. When’s the book you just wrote coming out?

It hasn’t sold yet. Can’t say.

Q. Who’s your agent?

No books sold yet. Can’t say.

Q. Do you have a social life?


Q. Do you ever sleep?

Only when I must.

Q. Can I be a first reader?

If I haven’t asked you to be one, then no.

Q. Can you hook me up with Famous Author X?

Contact his or her publishers or fanclubs. I am neither.

Q. Do you do redshirts?


Q. Will you read my stories?


You’ll hear that same answer from most professionals or semi-pros. Don’t be offended; this is mainly because we’re all either a) too busy or b) appropriately cautious. Yes, there have been lawsuits in the past initiated by fans and amateurs who submitted stories to authors to read. Even if I did have the time for it, I ain’t sticking my hands in that, and I hope you understand. I have my own stories to write.

If you want peer review, consider joining a writing club or going to a writing convention. Google up some if you don’t know of any.

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