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I think I’m having more fun writing the flashbacks than the main story. -_-


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the contract is signed, munin returns

“The Highjorune Masque” is officially part of the next Valdemar anthology lineup, thank the Maker, pass the rum.

I wrote 1,000 words today to/from work, mainly by writing a section I wasn’t sure I was going to write, and also by dragging in an old new character who is fun and mysterious and (okay) sexy: Munin (one of Odin’s ravens, and a recycle from a manga proposal I was working on a long while back). I am continuously amused by what my main character does (she seems to have a limited sense of self-preservation), and I have a sense of the larger endgame, though the structure is still all over the board. Either I’m doing flashbacks or I’m not, and I don’t (yet) know how they work into the uberstructure.

But have faith in the process, and in the meantime the protagonist is puking up her guts and thinking her life is over, poor dear.

And Los Angeles is burning still missing.

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oscillating stories

I’m writing two novels at the moment, both with a different set of characters and worlds.  This is probably madness, but it also seems to be working.

The first one is modern times, but there’s still worldbuilding involved because I made Los Angeles disappear and my main character still hasn’t told me what, exactly, she is.

The other is more standard fantasy drama hero’s journey stuff except not.  I have a pretty clear sense of who the first main character is, and there are about two more incoming who I have the vaguest idea of.

I’m writing in fits and starts.  I get some time on the way to work in the vanpool, and I get some time at home.  I dusted off my netbook, which is perfect for this: fits in my lap, does just enough to get me connected to music and my file sharing service, and that’s about it.  I can’t browse with it, and I can’t game with it, and I don’t need to.

My goal is to finish (or get close to finished) by the end of the year on one of these.  Right now they both have issues of I have no idea what I’m doing, but I’m hoping that’ll sort itself out.

The obligatory Spotify list is here.

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