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Bootknife and a Small Quarrel

I didn’t write about “A Small Quarrel” at all¬†last year. ¬†Sorry about that. ¬†Pregnancy and writing and childrearing and job wrangling severely sap my blogging time. That story’s been out a few months, and I just wrote the follow-up, “Bootknife”. ¬†It’s in the hands of the editor now. ¬†I try hard to not spin wheels with these stories — I only have 6500 words or less to work with, after all — and I finally introduced Wil’s dad, which if you didn’t know (because you’re not me) I’ve been wanting to do for about five years now. ¬†He’s been running around in the back of my head for at least that long, though many of his details didn’t become clear until I started writing him out. ¬†Occasionally he’d get a mention in other stories, but then I’d hit up against that word count wall and have to edit him back out. ¬†But this time he got his own story, his own space, and I’m glad he did.

Now that we are four stories deep into this cycle, I’m seeing a pattern of objects in the story titles, which is a good thing because I hate naming stuff and having nomenclature is one wait to cheat your way out of having to be clever with names. ¬†Also, it makes me look smart, like, oh, she planned¬†all of this. ¬†Except for the first one which she called “Whitest Lie” after a Bayside song but we’ll just pretend that didn’t happen. ¬†I SMELL A RETCON!

As pregnancy isn’t forever, it should be noted I had another baby,¬†which very nearly derailed writing any of this. ¬†There were several moments in December as I balanced a squawking infant against my chest where I wondered how the f*&% I was going to get this thing done. ¬†But I did! ¬†It helps to have a spouse to tank the littles while you’re holed up in the bedroom with headphones on and having a love affair with your netbook.

For one of the first times in my life, I am not overly stressed about having sent the story to the editor. ¬†I think I actually…like? this story. ¬†I don’t usually like my stories. ¬†There always seems to be something I’ve forgotten, and certainly there were bits I wish I could have written into this one that will forever be stashed in the yarn bag known as “leftovers” on my Scrivener project. ¬†Maybe someday I can edit it into a longer form project. ¬†You know, in my copious freetime.

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Wil #2

The next in the series of what I’m thinking of as “Lone Wil and Cub” has been written, it’s had the fine-toothed comma comb (comba?) run over it by my husband (notorious grammar¬†hunter and devastator of passive voice) , and is now off to the editor. ¬†I realize at this point I should just assume it’s a sale, but I never assume it’s a sale. ¬†So I’ll update this when I actually get the “Accepted! For Realsies!” message.

How do I feel? ¬†Uh, pretty much how I always feel when I manage not to give my editors a nervous breakdown by not missing the date: relieved. ¬†One of the great things about the modern age is I can turn this stuff in at 11:59 PM the day it’s due and know it’s probably going to get to my editor in a timely manner. ¬†And if it doesn’t, they just send me email to let me know they need me to resend it. ¬†When I was younger, you had to have it postmarked and out the door a week in advance, and ha ha ha ha good luck and hope the USPS doesn’t lose your precious bundle. ¬†Times are much better now.

I wrote this story partially while sitting in the back of my vanpool, and have come to a solid realization: my laptop is too damn big to comfortably write in the back of ¬†a vanpool. ¬†Which is unfortunate, because I can’t exactly buy another laptop at this phase of my life. ¬†Or can I?

Anyway. ¬†I’m excited for this story because I honestly believe it doesn’t suck, plus certain characters¬†get some badass moments, and I am all about the badassery. ¬†This is partially why I decided to shift focus from goofy Bard to slightly more serious Herald who has, as life has tenderized him, become less serious. ¬†The Herald has more potential for badassery, being what he is.

And now, having successfully completed what I set out to do at the start of the month, I am off to bed. ¬†G’night.

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Another Year….

…another Valdemar anthology. ¬†This story will continue the Adventures of Wil. ¬†That’s all I’m saying about it right now.

Mostly, though, I’m trying to find something longform I want to write. ¬†I’ve been somewhat in a slump, and it’s possible that has everything to do with getting-married-buying-two-houses-having-a-baby but it seems unfair to blame life, like I didn’t have life before all those things. ¬†It does seem the more you bring people into your life, the less of your own, private life you have.

But Marion went through similar (and worse), and still managed to write, so the question is why haven’t I carved out the time? Well…I’m trying. Mainly what I’m trying is getting up earlier so I can write in the morning, before the other humans start encroaching.

Don’t get me wrong. ¬†I love my humans. ¬†Very much. ¬†My family¬†is the best thing that ever happened to me. ¬†But I tend to be better adjusted when I write, when the private world gets a chance to vent. ¬†I know that. ¬†I just need to find a way.

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