Welcome Back


I’ve started again on Sword of Shades. Much ass-kicking was involved. In particular I’d like to thank T.I.P., Michael, Babs, and Donna for reasons to start again.

I’m beginning fresh, something I’m good at. Starting today, I plan to have it done by the end of October. So a full novel by November 1st. I’m giving myself extra time due to house moving.

In a fit of passion, I drew an image of Patch, a previously sketchy character who suddenly has a whole lot more depth. Actually, I drew a lot of images of Patch. This was just the best one. The full version even has BOOBIES. Cuz Patch, y’know — she’s all about the uncomfortable nekkidness.

If I can I’ll get one done of Nadir, but I need the mood and the muse, and I won’t put up anything I’m unhappy with.

Old journal entries are gone for the time being. If I ever sell this thing I might consider bringing them back, but they reflect another time and a different person. They need to go quiet for now.

Aw man, I just realized the most awesome way to outline my novel. It r0xx0rs. I’m totally gonna use it, and not tell any of you what it is. Nyah nyah.

Oh, and I saw a hula dance tonight. A real, honest to gosh hula dance. Narrative dance that isn’t pretentious. Loved it.

All right. Time to get this party started.