double SECRET probation

So I finally saw Animal House. Yes, I am low on my late-70s and early-80s movie vitamins.

Rain seems to be more of a character this time around. More like…uh…me, actually. Selfish, slightly spoiled, vibrant, trying to prove something because everyone treats her like a kid.

In comparison, my main character (thank god) is not a whole lot like me. But then I was always the younger sibling, never the older one. So I guess Myr is the older sibling I never was. If that makes any sense.

It helps that I have had friends who were older siblings, and tough ones at that. I need that perspective for the Myrish one.

A lot on my mind lately about the potential things that could be and could have been in my life. It’s finding its way into my writing, of course. It’s making me write bad poetry. Bad, poetry! Down! Sit! Staaaaay. Good. That’s a good little poetry! Yeeees.

And speaking of bad poetry…I went through my garage stored stuff today, and found some. Yeesh. No one should ever have to listen to stuff like that. Ever. Anyone unfortunate enough to have ever gone to a concert I gave between 17 and 21 — I’m sorry. Really. Please forgive me.

I also found a sheet of paper from when I was researching kendo for the first time (I was probably 18 or 19). Back then I actually thought kendo was all there was in regards to sword arts in Japan. Ha ha. Silly me.

Anyway, one thing I wrote down — brace yourselves, my zen-natured friends — was this:

    “The great sword seeks perfection through practice.”

Whoa. Now that’s some deep shit. I think I’m going to go meditate on that.

Okay. I’m done.

I know you’re laughing, you. You can stop now.

Time to hit the sack. G’night, kids.