Destiny as a sexually transmitted disease. Whatanidea.

It’s no secret that Tori Amos is one of my favorite musicians. I’m not crazy like Tori, but I can understand her use of Tori-speak to convey what’s going on in her head. I get the same treatment. People call mine “cat-logic”.

Not much writing done today, due to prior commitments (websites, weddings, and sokushin). Tomorrow will be different. And I’m not certain, but I even think that next weekend is free and clear.

I am working on driving some demons from my heart, which meant watching yet another old movie. Evil Dead II. I have seen this one (I’ve seen nearly everything cinematic that Sam Raimi ever laid hands on), but one of the roommates hadn’t, and I couldn’t let that pass.

    guess it’s true I’ve

    gotten very

    moody over you