My Son Has Excellent Taste

Minutes before the crime.
Minutes before the crime.

This weekend was X-man’s first real beach experience.

We were doing really well until he decided to taste the beach.

Every parent has that moment when you just know your kid is about to do something you don’t want them to, but you’re going to be a split second late to stop them.  I had been lulled into a false sense of security, having hit the point in the trip where I thought we were all in a good place.  Xan had played in the waves and signaled he was done.  His sister was busy building sand castles with dad.  Cousins were sharing snacks.  I got in a few choice photos while I chatted with my sister-in-law.

And then Xan sat down and looked at me.

He looked at the beach.

He looked back at me.

What’s he doing, I thought.

He opened his mouth.

That looks like he’s about to —

He opened his mouth very wide.

Oh crap.

He bent forward.

At a little under two years, he’s still very flexible, so you can bet he folded all the way down and planted his mouth on the beach to take in a mouthful of sand.  I dove forward, but I was about a nanosecond too late to stop him.  As he sat up with a mouthful of disappointment and despair, the look on his face spoke volumes.  Not the flavor I expected.

We spent a few minutes brushing and rinsing and getting it all out, but I have no doubts we have some interesting diapers in store.

He just might poop out his own shoreline if given half a chance.