In the Archives: Dead Wicked

Speaking of stuff I find while decluttering — it’s been about twelve years since my attempt to collab on a graphic novel.

I think the idea is still solid — sexy anthropomorphizations of Odin’s ravens help a young city defender — yes, I know how that sounds — but my collaborator and I didn’t quite see eye to eye on some fundamentals and we walked away from the relationship.

My art skills are around the level of “I can rough out a page” and that’s it. She was the art talent and I truly mean talent— I felt lucky when she contacted me, and was legitimately sad when it didn’t work out.

But I also don’t have money to appropriately pay someone to do the work, and anyway — my hope is that I find someone who wants to draw sexy anthro demigod crimefighters with me and spark a partnership.

Maybe someday. Then again, ideas are a dime a dozen, as they say.

But for a brief period, we did develop the concept. And my part of that was the script and the thumbs. For that, and with her encouragement, I ran through an exercise of roughing out a few pages on the first issue. They’re sketchy, but if you ever want to see what a nascent idea looks like, step this way.